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Instant Vocal Transformation has transformed and enhanced the voices of many individuals. It has also restored vocal inconsistencies/fatigue of several clients who have damaged their voices to the point that it may have been considered unrepairable. Instant Vocal Transformation, and its one-of-a-kind techniques, have built strong foundational endurance and abilities of many clients in the past.

Woman with Parkinson’s Disease for 12 years, able to be understood again

Alice Garrott was kind enough to come to my home and give me vocal training. I am 75 years old and have had Parkinson’s Disease for over 12 years. She taught me several exercises designed to strengthen my voice, increase range, volume and improve breathing. Once taught, I have been able to continue these exercises. My friends and family are happy they no longer have to ask me to repeat what I said!

Pat V.


Parkinson’s Disease patient highly recommends Alice

Alice has been very helpful to me by teaching me vocal exercises to do. I have Parkinson’s Disease and one of my problems is the weakening of my voice. The exercises she taught me helped to strengthen my vocal cords and were easy to learn and do. Even my family noticed a difference. I would highly recommend Alice for this kind of work with others like myself.

Mike R.,has Parkinson’s Disease)


Excellent Memory, Retention and Performance

Alice is a miracle worker. I knew she was an expert in voice work and I sought her out for help with an acting job in which I knew I could easily strain my voice. She not only gave me state of the art vocal techniques and exercises to strengthen and protect my voice, she was able to help with the huge challenge of memorization. A ninety minute play- mostly one long monologue- was no longer daunting to learn and retain. Memorization and retention came easy and I gained power in my voice. The job was a huge success. A combination of her expertise in voice work and her power of intention (and Silva techniques) proved invaluable. I highly recommend her.

Ned Van Zandt | Actor


Accent reduction, increased confidence and security when speaking

After one session with Alice Garrot, my voice changed. My accent became less. I had more resonance and learned the difference between head voice and nasal voice. I was amazed! Many people noticed change right away, including my brother who said, “What happened? Your voice is different.” It was a total change. I felt more confident and secure when I spoke. My manager, colleagues and clients also noticed right away. I am really grateful to have discovered this work. It changed my life. Thank you!

Carlos Lazo | Licensed Mortgage Originator


Ageless possibilities

Under Alice’s expert direction, I reached undreamed of heights of accomplishment – literally! Starting at age 59, with no previous voice lessons, I was able to sing my favorite arias and hit a solid high C.

Beverly Mittelman | Co-author: Healthy Teeth for Children | Lecturer: “Managing Holistic Dental Practices” and “Nutrition”


Compares to the best

Learned exercises to solidify and continue work from GSMD, London. Speaking voice has become more resonant and I have discovered my singing voice. Very pleased with the “transformation” results. Alice’s unique methodology consists of exercises some of which are thousands of years old. Coupled with her supreme teaching technique, these effective and easily accessible exercises transform our vocal instruments and thereby ourselves, giving us various options including the power to communicate clearly and express ourselves fully.

Oliver Franks | Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, graduate; MFA Candidate 2015, Columbia University



Although I earned a Master’s degree in Music Performance, Vocal, Alice Garrott taught me so much more than I learned in school.


I was shown endurance techniques through specially-designed exercises which enabled me to improve my breathing, vocal placement, and the overall quality of my voice tonality. I can perform for at least 90 minutes and never lose my voice.


The quality of my speaking voice has improved immensely: It has doubled in volume, become stronger, and I can project it across a great distance (i.e., the classroom).

Audrey Levine | Composer – Singer – Pianist


Vocal Nodules disappeared

I was diagnosed with vocal cords nodules by my ear-nose-throat specialist and the vocal therapy was prescribed as a method of treatment. Shortly after, I’ve met Ms. Garrott, who offered me 5-6 classes of her voice teaching and therapy with very unique exercises.
To my and the ENT specialist surprise the repeated exam 6 weeks later did not reveal noticed earlier vocal cords nodules – they were gone! As a result, my voice became more clear and brighter.
I found Ms.Garrott’s technique to be unique and highly effective. The exercises, rather alternative, but highly effective for the voice restoration purposes. Like anything else any learning experience consists of self-involvement and the right mentor. Ms. Garrott is a fun teacher and an artist with variety of interesting “tools” in her arsenal.
I recommend her to anyone who searches for new, effective and alternative methods of voice improvement.

Elena Klimenko | MD – Integrative Medicine Specialist


Unlock your full potential

Alice Garrott is a master voice teacher who has the unique ability unlock your full vocal potential. She has given me vocal exercises that have enabled me to speak with clarity, power and resonance for 9 hours, 2 days straight without losing my voice. I highly recommend Alice as your vocal coach if you want to take your speaking or singing talent to the next level.

Tony Mitchell | Silva Method Instructor
The Silva Method