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Alice Garrott

Voice Specialist & Founder of the unique methods of Instant Vocal Transformation™

Vocal Stamina

Project your voice effortlessly, and reduce vocal fatigue, as you raise the attention of your audience and captivate them with your confidence.

Building Confidence

Build, manage and project your confidence while performing and/or speaking to your audience harmoniously

The Easiest Choice For Change


Redirect yourself towards the ability of lighting a room with your energy and voice

Welcome to your Instant Vocal Transformation

Are you seeking a richer, more powerful voice? Then you’ve come to the right place.

INSTANT VOCAL TRANSFORMATION is a unique vocal training approach, designed to instantly improve your voice and develop effortless vocal stamina. Using these exceptional proven techniques, you will discover the power of your true voice and gain the self-confidence to successfully take on new challenges, both professionally and personally.

"It is very exciting to share this powerful program, providing vocal transformation and enhanced awareness. Here's to your own Instant Vocal Transformation.”

Alice Garrott | Founder of Instant Vocal Transformation